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17.05.2016 02:15 Twiggy
The rewrite is my favorite part. Ununrtfoately, I can’t rewrite if I don’t first write. Another downside is that the immediacy of blogging prevents me from polishing as much as I would like. (I just discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading more.)
13.05.2016 21:03 Champ
I feel satifsied after reading that one.
22.08.2015 15:13
сайт-то живой?
14.06.2015 14:09 Daniel
A rolling stone is worth two in the bush, thanks to this arelict.
12.06.2015 08:07 Nader
That\'s a smart answer to a dilfucift question.
11.06.2015 15:50 Surinder
God help me, I put aside a whole aforonten to figure this out.
04.10.2012 02:11 Hugo Palmarola
Dear Art Salon

My name is Hugo Palmarola, for the last few years together with my colleague Pedro Alonso, we\'ve been working on a research project in Architectural Association (London) about the importation to Chile and Cuba of Soviet systems of prefabrication based on large-concrete panel construction. Because of this, we have recently been invited to show our work in an exhibition to be held at the Pratt\'s Institute\'s Higgins Gallery with academic purposes in New York, which will open on February 18th 2013.

In this context, I am writing to you to explore the possibility of having your permission to show a digital print reproduction of a piece of your web:
,together with the different materials we are planning to display at the Pratt\'s Institute\'s Higgins Gallery.

Could be possible that you send me some contacts of museums, merchants or family, associate with this Deineka´s painting?

We very much hope this would be possible.

Looking forward to hear from you, all best

Hugo Palmarola
21.08.2012 15:19 flcsfk
96b4IG joxxuevwfvzy
19.08.2012 16:01 qoqxrs
v5AxTf hurshsuyclwb
19.08.2012 10:22 Richard
It\'s good to get a fresh way of loonkig at it.
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